Fire Alarm Systems

The Matteson Fire Department is the authority having jurisdiction for the plan review and acceptance testing of fire alarm systems. This includes new systems and alterations or modifications to existing systems. All required fire alarm systems must be approved by the Fire Department before an occupancy permit is issued.

A fire alarm system shall be installed in new construction as required by 2012 IFC with the following additional local requirements:

  • The fire panel or remote annunciator with the means to reset and silence the detection system shall be provided at a convenient location near the front entrance to the occupancy.
  • A strobe light shall be installed at the front of each occupancy. This strobe light shall be visible from the street and connected to the fire detection system so as to provide a visual identification of the affected occupancy. 


Plan Review Information

Plans for each fire alarm system must be submitted to the Matteson Fire Department, Attention: Fire Prevention Bureau, 3445 W. 211th Street, Matteson, Illinois 60443 for review purposes. Plans are generally reviewed and written comments provided within 10-14 working days. After the review is completed, the applicant will be furnished with at least one (1) set of stamped drawings, which are required to be on-site and available for the Fire Department Inspector.

The plan submittal shall include:


A submitted fire alarm system may be reviewed in house or outsourced to a firm selected by the Village. The fee schedule for review is $ 150.00 in house or the cost of review plus $100.00 if outsourced.  All fees shall be borne by the permit applicant and includes rough inspection of wiring, and the final acceptance/performance test.

Fire alarm systems must be designed and installed and function in accordance with locally adopted codes and locally adopted amendments to the codes. This information and other general information regarding Fire Protection Systems are available from the Matteson Fire Department. To obtain this information, call 708-748-5129.


Inspection Information

Before the fire alarm system is accepted a final inspection must be completed and the system installer must be present to conduct the performance test of the system.

A contractor’s Certificate of Completion shall be provided to the Fire Department prior to the Fire Department witnessing a performance test of the system. (Per NFPA 72)

Inspections may be scheduled by calling 708-748-5129 forty-eight (48) hours in advance. When inspections are scheduled, all appropriate installers shall be present.

If an inspection/test fails, the Fire Department will attempt to accommodate the fire alarm system installer’s request by scheduling a re-test at the earliest convenience. Any re-inspection/re-test will result in a fee of no less than $100.00.


Requirements For Installation, Testing, and Maintenance

Please note, that a Fire Alarm Contractor shall be licensed with the State of Illinois pursuant to the Illinois Private Detective, Private Alarm and Private Security Act of 1983 and should send a copy of this license to the Matteson Fire Prevention Bureau to design or submit plans.

The Matteson Fire Department currently performs all final inspections and acceptance/performance testing for all fire alarm installations. The Matteson Fire Department will not issue any Occupancy Permits until the fire alarm system has been approved.

Any questions regarding fire alarm systems should be brought to the attention of The Matteson Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau at 708-748-5129.

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